What is Shunya?

What is Shunya?

DeFi emerged with MakerDAO introducing the stable coin DAI. With that emerged the debt marketplaces, decentralized exchanges, money markets, and others, which helped promote trustlessly lending, borrowing, and swapping of assets. Furthermore, this segment started booming in early 2020 with the introduction of several other new concepts, including yield farming, staking, airdrops, and liquidity mining.

People began using excel sheets as well as a variety of portfolio tracking software, which proved to be a time-consuming procedure. Several DeFi users had the same issue with accurately tracking their portfolio.

And that is when Shunya came into the picture!

But what exactly is Shunya?

Shunya was founded in September 2021 to address a problem that people were having with personally keeping track of their investments.

Shunya is a customized DeFi deep analytics tool for investors that allows you to manage all of your assets' P&L (Profit and Loss Statements), as well as extensive asset analysis, current wallet positions across blockchains/protocols, and much more.

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For invites, you can contact the Shunya team on Twitter or Discord.

Why Shunya?

Here are the key reasons that make Shunya a go-to option for the DeFi investors:

  • Maintaining the portfolios in DeFi inspired Shunya to create a product for the masses, so no more relying on various platforms to access and manage them.
  • Shunya aimed at investors' deep analytics in DeFi. However, all of the existing solutions offer you high-level portfolio data.
  • Shunya currently supports six protocols across four blockchains and is working on adding other chains and supporting more protocols.

Shunya's Team

Shunya's goal is to make the DeFi experience as simple as possible for investors while also assisting them in making well-informed selections.

They are a group of engineers, entrepreneurs, and marketers with a wide range of experience. They enjoy discussing finances, web3, cuisine, health, and pets.

Since 2017, the Shunya team has been working on the nuo network, a decentralized debt marketplace. Aniket, one of the founders, began his career as an entrepreneur, working on his own firm, Fanspole. They also worked on significant protocols such as MakerDAO, Aave, and Balancer.