What is Sequence Wallet?

What is Sequence Wallet?

Sequence is a non-custodial, user-friendly, blockchain-based smart contract wallet that supports multiple chains and offers seamless integration. Sequence Wallet is based on Ethereum and Web3 standards and can be used everywhere online, including from any Web browser. You can use Sequence—without any need for modification—with all existing Ethereum web libraries, including web3.js and ethers.js.

Sequence is a smart contract wallet, and each wallet is controlled by multiple private keys. The multi-key system represents a security upgrade compared to traditional wallets, which are controlled by a single private key. With traditional wallets (i.e. Externally Owned Accounts), a user’s wallet is compromised if the single key is compromised. With multiple keys, on the other hand, it means multiple keys need to be compromised for a user’s wallet to be compromised.

As a user, you can create a Sequence Wallet by visiting sequence.app and selecting any one of the social or email login options.

As a developer, you can integrate Sequence with your dapp using the steps outlined in their documentation.

Sequence as a Smart Contract Wallet

Sequence is a smart contract wallet. There are two types of wallets, i.e., smart contract wallets and Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs). Making Sequence a smart contract wallet ensures that it incorporates arbitrary logic within the underlying virtual machine's boundaries.

Here are some more benefits associated with Sequence being a smart contract wallet:

  • Multi-key security.
  • Upgradeability.
  • Account recovery support.
  • Meta-transactions, so users can pay for gas in any token of their choice.
  • Sponsored transactions, so users don’t have to pay gas at all.
  • More flexible design space.
  • Key rotation.

Features of Sequence

Here are the top features associated with Sequence:

  • Login with social media or email.
  • Support for all EVM-compatible networks.
  • Swap in-wallet.
  • Bridge in-wallet.
  • fiat-to-crypto and fiat-to-NFT onramps.
  • Batch and parallel transactions enable greater throughput, save time and money, and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Transaction relaying, so users don't need to worry about gas prices or stuck transactions.
  • Web3 compatibility.
  • App, browser & extension available.
  • Non-custodial.
  • First-class NFT support, complete with artwork/video and metadata.
  • Auto-indexing of all tokens and NFTs.
  • Embeddable wallet for any screen, game or dapp. No installation required.

How to access Sequence Wallet on Browser

To access Sequence Wallet on Browser, follow these steps:

  • Open the Sequence app on your browser
  • Sign in using any available social login option, e.g. Google or Facebook, and agree to the Terms of Use

How to access Security Keys on Sequence?

Here is how you can check your security keys:

  • Go to the icon in the top right corner near your wallet address.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Active Sessions, and your session, guard, and login keys will be displayed.

Type of Keys available for Sequence Wallet

Session keys, a Guard key, and a Torus key are used to safeguard Sequence Wallets. The Session key and Torus key are generated when creating a wallet using social login or email authentication. If one of the three keys is lost, the remaining two can be used to replace the missing one.

Here is a guide to the three keys generated with Sequence wallet creation:

  • Session Keys: It is saved in the IndexedDB of the browser.
  • Guard Key: a key is stored and encrypted on a server controlled by Horizon.
  • Torus Key: associated with your social/email credential, Torus uses threshold cryptography to ensure that only the user has access to their private key, effectively making them non-custodial.

Connecting to Sequence

  • Via Chrome Extension: Sequence Chrome extension can be found in the Google library, and you can use it to get connected.
  • Via WalletConnect: WalletConnect is already supported by Sequence for connecting to dapps.
  • Via Dapps: an increasing number of Web3 applications are adding direct Sequence connect.

Products using Sequence

Countless more dapps across gaming, social, marketplaces, and DeFi are integrating Sequence now.