What is Lobby?

What is Lobby?

Lobby is a Web3 community intelligence platform, serving as a home for meeting notes, blog posts, and any other information that can be shared within a community. Lobby adds token gating, Q&A, and translations to an otherwise familiar knowledge base, enhancing the use case and lifetime of written content in Web3.

The Lobby wiki is a public workspace on the platform, serving as a repository for details about cryptocurrency, DeFi, and DAOs. Over 4,000 wallets have contributed to more than 3,000 entries to the wiki.

Why Lobby?

Scaling a community in Web3 is difficult. New contributors want to get involved but often don’t know where to go. Existing members want to contribute in new ways but don’t know what is needed. Governance voters want to make better decisions but don’t know what is going on. Lobby addresses these scalability issues within DAOs and Web3 as the home base for your community knowledge.

Features of Lobby:

  • Token Gated Access Control: Control the flow of information within your knowledge base, using allowlists and thresholds of tokens and NFTs.
  • Intelligent Search Engine: Get relevant search results to find just what you’re looking for, and even ask a question to your own knowledge base.
  • Support for languages and translations: The platform is multilingual by design and helps translators to collaborate and organize within their Web3 community.
  • Worldwide Wiki: Lobby hosts a global, community-sourced Web3 wiki alongside its flagship platform for Web3 organizational information.
  • Lobby Launcher: Your Web3 community hub. Design your landing page and add icons to their home page for significant links.


Lobby is the home of your Web3 community. Onboard, coordinate, and govern with confidence, all from one place.