What is Interface?

What is Interface?

Interface is providing user-friendly way to check out what the other folks have been doing in Web3.

What’s the backstory?

As much as some people adore Etherscan, most people find it tough. Portfolio managers focusing on single wallet information and balances, such as Zapper, Debank, and Zerion, have arisen during the DeFi era, but they too lack social media experience.

However, web3 is more than just visual art; it requires an interface that enables the communication between its users and all dapps, protocols, networks, and other people.

What is Interface?

Interface is a social application combining the wallet activities from multiple sources (protocols, chains, contracts, platforms) and then transforming them into a social feed for an enhanced UX.

Imagine going through your page and seeing what activities your friends have taken part in, like creating a new NFT collection, a trade on a DEX, or liquidity provision for a bridge protocol. You can access everything with Interface, whether a person you follow posts anything on Mirror, listed something on Foundation, or did anything else.

How does Interface work?

For a person to understand a given onchain or off-chain action associated with a given public address, Interface searches and aggregates all the activities based on their wallet and the wallets they follow, parses them individually, and indexes them where it is necessary.

Interface uses pre-existing protocols to make everything, including investments, relationships, balances, creations, votes, articles, posts, and sound records, discoverable and easily accessible.

Interface would help less tech-savvy individuals establish their own opinions about what is occurring worldwide and help them make wise judgments.

Decentralisation, in our opinion, is a critical component of web 3. It makes the space unstoppable, transparent, self-custodial, permissionless, and feasible. Thus Interface is decentralised to achieve it all!

Interface is adopting decentralisation wherever possible, whether "contract labelling" registry or opening up the mobile clients to the public.

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In the future, Interface hopes to contribute an addition to the outstanding collection of public good tools and projects available in space.