What is CARV?

What is CARV?

Carv aims at the creation of a user-owned gaming identity. Carv has designed a credential issuing system, the 'Carv Protocol,' to connect the layers of Web3 games with users' authorization and allow achievement display, the discovery of games and friends, direct monetization, and mobility.

Users get access to a dashboard with detailed game statistics, leaderboards, unified scores, and sophisticated insights and recommendations on this protocol.

Benefits of Carv

The following are the advantages of the 'Carv Protocol':

  • For Users: Users can access a credential dashboard (linked to social spaces) to review their successes in Web3 gaming and unlock credential-based rewards across games.
  • For Developers: Game developers can use the 'Carv Protocol' accomplishment APIs to create a progression path for players and award them NFT badges to increase retention. New game developers will also be able to invite high-potential members from the Carv community to pre-launch tests or whitelists.
  • Guilds: Guilds will be able to select scholars per their previous performance in various games with various guilds, which will improve the accuracy and fairness of the selection process.

Carv Protocol

Carv Protocol is a multi-address data aggregation protocol that creates users' gaming credentials across multiple chains.

Credentials are created by combining, analyzing, and interpreting data from several sources, for example:

  • Carv Protocol aggregates on-chain data from several wallets across various blockchains (assets, trades, staking, breeding, prize claiming, and so on).
  • Game developers can use simple API calls to feed in-game, off-chain stats and achievements to Carv Protocol.
  • Bots and pipelines will be developed to assess players' contributions to communities fairly.

Carv is a Carv Protocol-based value exchange platform for the following activities:

  • Dashboard for Carv: A unified scoring and level system accurately reflects a player's rarity across games. Users can also examine cross-chain Web3 game assets, profits, accomplishments, community participation, etc., in the dashboard.
  • Claim for NFT Badge: Qualified players can claim NFT badges as their achievement proof through events organized by game developers.
  • Initial NFT Offering (INO): Games that have partnered with Carv can debut their INOs on the platform.
  • Scholarships: All qualifying participants have access to the NFT treasury.
  • Level-Up Perks: Carv IDs keep track of players' activities on the platform, including assets, in-game contributions, DAO credentials, and community activity. These records will be used in the Carv ecosystem to produce ranking and redeemable for NFT badges, prizes, and $ARC tokens.

Carv's Token Utility

The $ARC Token is the Carv ecosystem's incentive and governance currency. This universal cryptocurrency may be used to allow game developers, guilds, owners of gaming NFT assets, players, and investors to trade value.

The total number of $ARC tokens will be 1,000,000,000, and will be available for five years, beginning on October 31st, 2021, at 0:00:00 UTC.


DAO is Carv's beating heart. The structure is designed based on decentralized decision-making and a paradigm that encourages inclusive growth.


DAO participants will own parts of Carv. The DAO's ownership is determined by the $ARC token's ownership and reputation mechanism.

The following are the goals of the Carv DAO:

  • Encourage the Carv community to keep growing.
  • Set a soft floor price for $ARC tokens.
  • Treasury conservation in Carv decentralize decision-making and voting power even further.
  • SubDAOs and subDAO tokens should receive support and initiatives, and subDAOs should be more decentralized.

To create proposals and vote, Carv DAO uses Snapshot.


SubDAOs are created to support specialized services and activities, like Event DAO, Venture DAO, Web3 gaming scholarship, etc.

SubDAO tokens can then be issued and distributed to the community. Holders of subDAO tokens can submit suggestions and vote on subDAO mechanics.

In general, the subDAO's aims are as follows:

  • Encourage the growth of the subDAO community.
  • Conserve and maximize the value of subDAO assets and earnings.
  • Tokenize certain subDAOs to increase the decentralized voting power
  • To acquire more support and growth, develop ambassadors and leaders to interact with other subDAOs and the main DAO.


Each Carv DAO or subDAO vault will function as a token incentive scheme for specific behaviors. $ARC token holders can stake in various vaults for specific lock-in periods and annualized rewards yields based on the activities they have more faith in.

Scholarships, Treasury NFT collecting, venture capitalist, event hosting, social, and other vaults will be available.


Smart bots will be designed to record the contribution and reputation of users in an unbiased manner across Discord, Facebook, and Telegram. Carv has designed a Level-Up community program to keep the community active and growing. Each level up in the system will grant the members with different rights and perks in our ecosystem, as well as more rewards in the forms of tokens and exclusive trophies, NFTs, and diplomasMeanwhile, the DAO will agree to update the programs and rules regularly.