What is blocktorch?

Blocktorch | The Dapp List

Blocktorch is your go-to choice for observing any smart contract with relevant insights!

The amount of decentralized applications, their creators, and users are all expanding, and decentralized architecture is becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend. Reliability is essential if web3 aims to become mass-market ready. Appropriate tools are necessary for engineering teams pushing the boundaries of innovation to create the best products.

Amine and Gery started building blocktorch to equip developers with better and more efficient tooling to ship products that scale and thus get web3 closer to mass-market readiness. With blocktorch engineering teams have their smart contracts big picture at hand and can dig quickly into details of on-chain and off-chain data.

Every software engineering team should be given the tools to better understand their smart contracts and other decentralized components so that they might troubleshoot and fix problems in a matter of minutes rather than hours as well as take well-informed data-driven decisions.

Features of blocktorch

  • Multi-chain root cause analysis: Utilize sophisticated search to find just relevant transactions and examine enriched event data across chains and contracts
  • Comprehensive Dashboarding: Gather data and visualize it for simple comprehension of smart contract behaviour.
  • Smart contract overview: See the state of all the smart contracts that your dApps employ at a glance.
  • SLOs: For advanced alerting, establish metric-based SLOs and error budgets.
  • Tagging: Using tags, you can move through events, transactions, and smart contracts more efficiently.
  • Integration of CI/CD: Connect your deployment pipelines to blocktorch & integrate blocktorch with the applications you use most.

Why choose blocktorch?

  • Identify any issues: Regardless of complexity, comprehend the behaviour of smart contracts, managing reliability of dApps proactively.
  • Consider data-driven decisions: Focus on the big picture starting with the smart contract architecture, and quickly delve into the specifics by examining events, transactions, and logs in context.
  • Find insights more quickly: Utilize sophisticated search tools to identify causes, decipher abnormalities, and monitor smart contract behaviour.
  • Get alerted in time: To ensure that the right alerts are provided to the right person at the right time, establish metric-based Service Level Objectives (SLOs).


The development of web3 is growing at rapid speed. While the number of decentralized applications reaching scale is increasing, the architecture of decentralized applications is getting more and more complex. To ensure the reliability of complex software running on a high scale observability practices are indispensable, and without them, teams have sacrificed engineers for incidents constantly. Using blocktorch web3 developers can efficiently and effectively understand smart contract behaviour, find out about anomalies and their root causes quickly and ensure best-in-class user experience of the dApps.

With the growing trend of web3, such a tool is an asset for the entire industry and its developers!