The Dapp List $WISE - Token Economics and Utility

The Dapp List $WISE - Token Economics and Utility

We believe tech and community are the two most important pillars of Web3 adoption & we ascertain to bridge the gap between developers, investors, and the community through The Dapp List.

With the vision to devise a space for novice and existing blockchain enthusiasts to explore and engage with decentralized applications, The Dapp List is manifesting a platform to curate decentralized applications led by multi-chain governance.

$WISE plays an important role in governance & utility. (Discussed further)

Additionally, we provide a platform for developers & early-stage projects who can directly connect to the community, where they can take validation on the idea, build a network with our partners to grow, raise capital support, & much more.

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We believe having robust systems integrated will unlock infinite opportunities for network effects. Thus, driving the growth of the project & web3 in general. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

To achieve this, we will be working with several partners & ecosystems to unlock the full potential of our product wrt to our mission.

What’s Coming next? (Short Term Goals)

2021 is exciting and will eternally be a remarkable era in the history of The Dapp List. First, we had the $WISE genesis and a successful Pre-IDO with Genesis Shards. Next, we are looking forward to a public sale and ramping up for the V2 Launch.

In our V2, Explore module will go live with operative community governance. Here $WISE will help in curation and governance.

BUIDL & Invest Module (Long term Goals)

BUIDL module will be in action in Q3 that will function as a launchpad for developers to ramp up their development journey with different integration & ecosystem partners and further, validating their idea, building community, and marketing their dapp. Later the Q4 2021 will initiate investment opportunities accessible to the users, founders, and investors in their upcoming & favorite dapps.

💡 Learn more in our Roadmap to Curate the Web3 Adoption.

$WISE Overview

The native digitally cryptographically-secured utility token of The Dapp List ($WISE) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the code of The Dapp List, which is design to play a significant role in the functioning of the TDL ecosystem.

Name: The Dapp List

Symbol: WISE

Type: ERC-20 | Decimals: 18

Total supply: 200,000,000

The Role of the $WISE Token & it’s Utility

$WISE acts as a fuel to the overall product in all three modules – empowering the overall ecosystem.

  • Curation – $WISE will be used to curate dapps & get rewarded in return with reputation + tokens. Reputation will be used to unlock levels & mint NFTs. Tokens can be used to provide LP, Stake LP token & then Hunt / Vote to win premium rewards on top of staking rewards.
  • Staking – Community members can stake LP tokens to earn rewards. Further, they can Hunt & Vote to maximize the rewards.
  • Token as fee – We’ll have different opportunities to market on our platform for the listed dapps. They will have choice to pay to in stables or pay with $WISE to unlock discounts. Token flows back into our reserves & further adding more power to the product.
  • NFT minting – NFT that represents your reputation can be minted while locking your tokens back into our reserve. NFT provides you premium rewards to hunt & vote, take part in governance & support early projects. Also, NFT represents your social status on-chain.
  • Governance – $WISE token will be used to take part in governance & showcase your governance power in The Dapp List.

WISE Token Distribution

We have forged token economics and shaped a distribution model where The Dapp List’s ecosystem is empowered.

During the genesis0, a total of 200,000,000 $WISE tokens were minted. Here’s how and when we plan to allocate:

Sales: 21.77%

Seed, Private, Strategic & Public rounds

  • Seed Round Allocation: 7.42%

A total of 7.42% (14,833,333 Tokens) were kept for the seed round. It was concluded at a price of $0.03/WISE with sales of $445,000. Vesting of which is set as 10% on listing and linearly for over 2 years after the listing.

  • Private Round Allocation: 10.19%

A total of 10.19% (20,388,889 tokens) were used for the private sales round. It was concluded at a price of $0.045/WISE with sales of $917,500. Vesting of which is set as 12.5% on listing and linearly for over 18 months after the listing.

  • Strategic Sale Allocation: 2.73%

A total of 2.73% (5,454,545 tokens) were used for the strategic sales round. It was concluded at a price of $0.055/WISE with sales of $300,000. Vesting of which is set at 12.5% on listing and linearly for over 18 months after the listing.

  • Public Sale Allocation: 1.43%

A total of 1.43% (2,857,143 tokens) will be used in public rounds with an estimate of $200,000 in sales at a price of $0.07/WISE. It will be unlocked 100% after listing.

Team: 16%

Team tokes will unlock after three months from the time of listing. Further, it will gradually be distributed linearly for over three years. This will facilitate commitment to the project’s success, and additionally, it will be used for team expansion.

Mining: 29.5%

These tokens will be used in weekly reward distribution for over four years after listing. Rewards will go to Hunter’s, Voters, and Stakers. In addition, individuals who use NFT for hunt & vote, and the stakers will receive premium rewards.

Retroactive Mining: 0.5%

100% unlock on listing. These tokens will be used for community airdrop for hunters & voters.

Marketing: 10%

Tokens used for marketing purposes will unlock after three months from the listing. After that, it will be used quarterly for over two years. We envision an exponential growth of the product by using these tokens to fuel marketing campaigns and awareness-building exercises.

Reserves: 18%

20% unlock happens on listing followed by a two months cliff and then the rest of the tokens are set for vesting quarterly for over two years. Reserves are meant to support the steady progress of The Dapp List ecosystem and will be used wherever deemed necessary.

Ecosystem & Security: 4.23%

This is the fund for ecosystem building and security measures deployed by the team. Unlock of these tokens will occur after 12 months from listing and quarterly vested over four years. It will be further used as grants for ecosystem security and audit/bug bounty campaigns.

Token Emission: