Revamped: The Dapp List

The newest version of The Dapp List is an asset for the entire Web3 space booming with numerous Dapps and projects. It is also imperative for that plethora of enthusiasts who wish to enter the Web3 space and learn about some reliable and trusted Dapps and projects.

Revamped: The Dapp List

In the last couple of years, the blockchain industry saw exponential growth in terms of its usage and popularity. The web3 revolution we have been seeing changed how we use the internet. From NFTs to Defi, many things have become more acceptable in the community.

One such thing is Dapps or decentralized applications. Unlike typical apps hosted on servers, dApps are applications deployed on a blockchain. As blockchain became mainstream and more people started getting into it, a plethora of dApps was deployed on various blockchains. Currently, 9000+ dApps and similar web3 projects exist on different blockchains. A dApp could be anything: a game, tool, social media app, metaverse project, or anything you can think of!

These dApps claim to be permissionless, open source, truly decentralized, reliable, and backed by economies in principle. But how to know which of these are what they claim to be? We launched The Dapp List to solve this problem!

The Start of The Dapp List

The Dapp List was launched publicly on Aug 2020 to find the best dApps living on blockchains. At first, we launched MVP with important features like 'Hunt the project' and 'Vote on the project.' It was just a depiction of what our main idea was!

Soon enough, people started exploring The Dapp List(TDL) and providing feedback. After receiving responses from users for a few months and moving ahead toward our goal, we launched the second version on Oct 2021. The v2 brought many changes to the existing website and improved the experience of exploring different dApps and finding the best out of them.

Journey Until Now

After the release of v2, TDL became a reliable dApp store for users to explore dApps from all across the world. Every Dapp onboarded in the community was (still is) curated by community governance, making it secure and reliable.

Moving ahead in the journey, The Dapp List community grew, and people from various domains and backgrounds with different expertise joined us. Their community contribution helped us add more features and functionalities to the website. As our community and website scaled, we felt the need for further upgrades in the website. With the new site, we focused on enhancing the overall architecture and modular designs while ensuring better interactivity, higher speed, and enhanced experience for the curators and the users.

With all these considerations and to ensure a new, better UI version, we are launching a revamped Explore!

Introducing: Explore revamped!

The latest changes pushed to the website are now live! You can check it right here

The newest version is an asset for the entire Web3 space booming with numerous Dapps and projects. It is also imperative for that plethora of enthusiasts who wish to enter the Web3 space and learn about some reliable and trusted Dapps and projects.

This newly revamped platform is an essential milestone that The Dapp List has met, and this post will dive you through some significant updates brought in with it.

Major Changes

In this release, we have changed both our backend and front end. The detailed information about those changes can be found in the upcoming technical blog.

If we talk feature vice, most of the changes are done in the front, with significant improvements in UI and UX. The entire design is revamped with better visuals and easy navigation. Our backend also went through a big change. Here are the notable improvements in the site, in a nutshell:

Revamped UX

The entire User experience of the website is revamped, keeping projects and contributors as the website's main focus. You can see changes right from the website’s homepage itself.

Redesigned Sections

The Dapp List has various sections that serve different purposes to the user. We took note of what needs to change and what needs to be kept as it is and changed the user interface of a few sections.

Four main sections are redesigned: Project profile page. contributor’s profile page, search, and leaderboard. Every page has new features that help you do what you want sooner and more efficiently.

Changes in Project Hunting, Curating, and Voting

Projects are at the core of our community. How can we not change it?

The process of onboarding a new project is now divided into sections, each asking you to put information that would help boost the project faster. Once you submit a project, the time required to get accepted is also expected to be reduced.

Similarly, curating and voting projects now have better visuals and filters. Now you can find the best projects to curate.


Based on the collective information of contributors’ interaction with various projects, chains, and categories, as well as their popularity on Twitter, it's easy to find out what is trending in the community.


A lot of changes were done in the backend as well. Of course, you can not visually experience those. But you will surely experience a boost in the speed and performance of the website.

Wrapping Up

This was just a trailer; the entire series of changes could be found in the other blog. Even better, visit the website and see everything that we talked about by yourself.

The Dapp List assures a reliable platform for curating Dapps and projects by community governance that global users can check out. We hope this becomes easier and more enjoyable with the changes we made in the newest release. Don’t forget to tell us about your feedback. Join our Discord server or connect with us on Twitter. Or better, do both :)

See you in the other blog.