Roadmap to Curate the Web3 Adoption - The Dapp List

Roadmap to Curate the Web3 Adoption - The Dapp List

2020 was a year full of adventure & became quite a fruitful one for us as we built and iterated our V1 while collecting feedbacks/suggestions from the community. We thank everyone for their continuous support & we look forward to having them with our journey as we Curate the Web3 Adoption.

Composability is very important for the overall growth of the ecosystem, not just in DeFi but also in the product. We believe having robust systems integrated will unlock infinite opportunities for network effects. Thus, driving the growth of the project & web3 in general. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

To achieve this, we will be working with several partners & ecosystems to unlock the full potential of our product wrt to our mission.

We are eager to announce our product development and strategic roadmap for 2021. Significant advancement has already begun under the guidance of industry veterans and seasoned investors.

Q1 2021

  • Completing Fundraise
  • New UI for Explore (V2) module
  • Onboarding strategic & integration partners
  • Onboarding strong team for tech & biz

Seed and Private Funding rounds Completion:

The Dapp List has triumphantly raised $1.7M in its seed and private funding rounds with the support of heavyweight investors, including CMS holdings, YBB Group, LD Capital, AU21, Bitscale Capital, BR Capital, Double Peak and Momentum 6

Seasoned investors and entrepreneurs like Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), Kenzi (AU21), Gabby Dizon (YGG), Calvin Chu, Nima (Near Protocol), Allen (LD Cap) & several other angels, has set a synergy with The Dapp List.

Read the announcement here:

Successfully Completed V1:

During our V1 (POC) – we did present the idea in front of users/devs and received a good amount of traction + feedback:

  • V1 was active for more than months (collected numerous feedbacks & suggestions),
  • Onboarded 3k+ users onto our platform,
  • More than 50 dapps getting ready for our V2, out of 115 hunted dapps

Have a look at our V1 :

Key partnerships with The Dapp List:

With a vision for web3 mass adoption, we have strategically partnered with projects to help the web3 community, developers, and investors. Details to be revealed soon.

User onboarding has already begun in full swing. Currently, we have campaigns lined up in collaboration with dapps, web3 leaders, influencers, and strategic partners in their community.

Read our recent AMAs

w/ FIREAnt (Korean Crypto Community)

w/ Bearking BKG (Vietnamese Crypto Community)

w/ IM Community (Vietnamese Crypto Community)

We’re also working on a user-centric educative content strategy to onboard new users to the web3 ecosystem.

Q2 2021

  • Onboarding integration partners
  • Token launch & IDO
  • Litepaper release
  • V2 launch
  • Developer onboarding partners
  • Launch ambassador program

Token Launch, IDO & Integration Partnerships:

Quarter 2 is full of excitement as we are all set to announce Token Launch, IDO, and onboard Integration partners. TDL Token will be a utility token that will enable community members to hunt and vote for their favorite Dapp.

Read More on How community Governance work:

IDO is on its way and we are targeting it to go live by June.

Integration partners will play a significant role in developer onboarding. We are in talks with different projects that are leading in their respective fields.

Calling the Knights – Ambassador Program:

There’s an ambassador program aimed at creating authority in different web2 & web3 communities. Read more about it here –

Q3 2021

  • BUIDL module – Launchpad for devs
  • Onboard builders to BUIDL
  • Onboarding L1 & L2s as strategic partners
  • Ecosystem & developer partners

Embrace the BUIDL Module:

BUIDL module will be in action in Q3 that will function as a launchpad for developers to ramp up their development journey with different integration & ecosystem partners, and further, validating their idea, building community, and marketing their dapp.

Read the BUIDL Module to learn more.

To onboard devs, We’ll work closely with different L1 & L2s to create a massive reach for users & devs. It becomes a central playground for users/devs to try out diverse ecosystems & dapps.

BUIDL Module Expansion with Developer Partners:

Q3 2021 will majorly focus on the developer’s onboarding and making their development journey from ideation to outcome a piece of cake. In the same attempt, we will also involve ecosystem development partners and leverage their offerings to grow the dapp list community network. Later on, strategic partners onboarding for the BUIDL module will soon unlock doors to more dapp development offerings for both an accomplished and a neophyte web3 developer.

Q4 2021

  • Onboarding launch partners for Invest
  • Expanding to other chains – L1 & L2
  • Reputation as NFT
  • Ecosystem partners onboarding

Inception with Invest module:

The Q4 2021 will initiate investment opportunities accessible to the users, founders and investors in their upcoming & favorite dapps. An eminent network expansion to L1 & L2s will bring more user, developer, and investor engagement.

Presenting, a Multichain Ecosystem for Web3 Adoption:

The Dapp List will sign ecosystem partners for different purposes such as awareness, community building, users and developers onboarding, investments, and launch partners (PR, Influencers, KOLs & IDO platforms).

Apart from this, we’ve several events lined up to educate users & give devs a platform to talk about their ideas + products.

Summing up:

We plan to become a multichain ecosystem for Web3 adoption, which will soon be accomplished after our BUIDL module in Q3 2021, and it will be a premier platform for users, developers, and investors to collaborate and create innovations in Web3.

Know more about The Dapp List:

Read Introducing The Dapp List :

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