Product Update: The Dapp List

In this blog, we will be explaining improvements & changes that have been done in our product to improve user experience.

Product Update: The Dapp List

We are extremely thrilled to announce that the new version of The Dapp List is finally live!

In our recent blog post, we told you about the journey of The Dapp List (TDL) community and how we evolved throughout the journey. As we grew, more projects and contributors joined us, and now we are a community of 15k+ blockchain enthusiasts and 460+ projects!

And as the community kept increasing, we kept scaling our infrastructure. And this is the third iteration of a massive change, launched on 14th September 2022. We have made many changes throughout the site, both in the front and backend. Before reading further, we request you open The Dapp List in a new tab and spend a few minutes surfing the website.

Done? Let's talk about new changes in detail.


If we talk feature vice, most of the changes are done in the frontend, with significant improvements in UI and UX. The entire design is revamped with better visuals and easy navigation. Our backend also went through a substantial change. Here are the notable improvements in the site, in a nutshell:

  • Revamped homepage with a redesigned header.
  • The project's profile page includes detailed information with images.
  • Users can explore new projects by adding various filters.
  • Your profile will display your contributions to the community.
  • You can search for other contributors along with projects.
  • Users can filter the leaderboard by recent days.
  • The process of hunting for a new project is simplified.
  • Curating or voting for a project is more effortless.
  • Database migrated to NoSQL.
  • Analytics were added to find trending projects, chains, and categories in the TDL community.

Find Happening Things on Home Page Itself (Homepage)

As you saw, our UI is changed drastically! You could smell something cooking on the home page itself.

The header is the first thing you might have noticed when you visited the website. It looks simple and elegant. You can easily navigate important pages and look at your profile from the header.

You have your profile, XPs, and coins on the right side of the header. You can directly navigate to your profile by clicking on your profile.

The new homepage has an entirely new layout and new categories to browse.

If you remember the old version, the home page included top rated projects, categories, and projects listed in previous weeks. Now we have trending projects, top-voted dapps and curators, and blogs and projects we introduced this week. In short, the homepage will keep you updated in The Dapp List community. You can subscribe to our newsletter or connect on Twitter to stay updated.

Explore More about a Project (Project Profile Page)

Designing the project profile page was one of our biggest challenges on the front end. Unlike the previous version, we had a lot to put onto a single page, all while maintaining a smooth user experience and beautiful user interface.

Tab view

This is a newly introduced section. Project information is divided into four tabs. The first is Project Details, where you will see information about the project, its genesis date, and the curator's info. The second tab has a list of contributors.

Everyone who contributed to the project in one way or another is listed as a contributor. The third tab will contain all updates in one location. This includes blogs as well as news about the project that is trending. The final tab will show token information.

Report a Project

A contributor may discover an issue in the project that has not been investigated by The Dapp List team or the project team. This button, which resides under the project name, will allow anyone to report a bug to the platform.

Contributors who report a bug will be rewarded with higher XPs in upcoming releases, so stay tuned!

History Details

Now we can keep track of changes made in the project information. Once a project is onboarded, every modification made to the data is recorded, along with metadata indicating who suggested the change.

Similar Projects

A list of related projects will be presented depending on the blockchain type or the type of project you are looking at. The list is curated by an algorithm, not an actual human, so you can also explore new and unvisited projects.

Explore Projects by Categories and Chains (Categories & Chain Page)

You could do this even in the previous version, but now you have much more flexibility and better UI.

For those who have not visited this page before: you can select a particular chain or a category and explore projects based on the selection. You can choose a category and filter results found on chains or vice versa.

Showcase Yourself! (Contributor Profile)

Contributors of The Dapp List community can do many fun things on the website. With redesigned profile page, we are showcasing different things contributors did on the website.

This page includes important information such as name, bio, interests, and wallet address. Links to their social profiles are also present if you want to connect to them.

If you are visiting your profile, you can edit your profile from the same page. Adding interests will help us to show you recommendations that you will like.

Liked Projects will be a small collection of projects that the contributor loved. But that's not all. The contributor's varied contributions will be displayed on the profile page. This contains projects for which they hunted or voted.

Users may collect badges and NFTs as they are contributing to the TDL community. A dedicated list of both can also be seen in the profile section.

You can do a lot more in the new version of the website. The old system only allowed you to search for projects. The search keyword also needed to be a precise string with no typos.

The search contains results for hunters and voters as well. Similarly, you can add multiple filters to the search query. You can filter results based on chains and categories and categorize those based on projects, hunters, and voters. You can also sort these results by popularity and trends.

We can also select users based on their ENS, wallet addresses, and social links.

Dominate Leaderboard (Leaderboard)

The leaderboard is the place where contributors are ranked according to their XPs. The leaderboard will display the name, user's wallet address, and the number of projects hunted and XPs earned.

The list could be filtered based on recent activity and the type of user. This means that now we have an individual leaderboard of hunters and voters, which was impossible before.

It is also now possible to track XPs from leaderboard history.

The list could be filtered based on recent activity and the type of user. This means that now we have an individual leaderboard of hunters and voters, which was impossible before.

It is also now possible to track XPs from leaderboard history. We use this data to automatically fill in the information in the second stage. Of course, you can still change it as you want. Additionally, you have to mention categories and chains related to the project. And finally, you can connect your blog and social media as well.

The third and final step asks you to upload images related to the project. Images could be screenshots of the project being hunted or a custom edit you or the project maintainer created. It will do the job as long as it is an image linked to the project. At last, you can enter community links of the pro. We aim to reduce the time hunters have to wait after submitting a new project. As the onboarding process is now easy and hassle-free, we encourage new hunters to hunt more exciting projects.

Curate Best Projects (Curate Projects)

The section for curating projects is also improved by making UI/UX changes and adding new features. The curating process is made faster in the backend and tidy in the front end.

Two filters will help you to find the best projects quickly. The first filter will filter projects by their status on curating, and the second will allow you to search listed or nonlisted projects specifically. The process of voting on a project is also resigned. The new UI will ask you if you are confident about voting on the project since it can't be undone.


The new authentication allows everyone to use web3 and dapps to log in. The UX is improved and made easier for everyone to create a new account or log in to an existing one securely.

Unlike traditional web2 websites that ask for your personal information, The Dapp List, a Web3 website itself, asks you to connect your wallet to create an account.

Since most blockchain users use MetaMask, we have provided a direct option to connect your MetaMask wallet. For those who don't know, MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store, transfer and trade ERC-20 tokens. You can use this wallet to connect your machine(mobile or computer) with Ethereum based apps or websites.

If you use a wallet other than MetaMask, don't worry. You can still connect your web3 wallet with our website as seamlessly as you would MetaMask.

Backend / Infrastructure Improvements

We have been discussing things we improved in the front end. But we have improved our back end as well. All thanks to updated APIs and a robust backend, the response time is now faster than before. You can not visually experience these changes, but you will surely experience speed in performance.

  • One major change we did in the backend was to migrate our database from MySQL to MongoDB. The schema-less structure of the NoSQL database will make it possible to store and retrieve corresponding large-scale data efficiently.
  • We have introduced two new things, Trending projects, and Popular Categories. We hand-pick lists of what's hot in the community based on the data collected about how many users connect with this project and its activity on Twitter. As a result, it will be possible to determine which projects, blockchains, and project categories are popular in the community.

Wrapping Up

The Dapp List v3 would not have been possible without the involvement of everyone in the community. The members inspire us to keep this community active and keep it interesting as it is now. We thank you all for your support and contributions to the community.

We await you to explore the revamped version of The Dapp List and share your feedback with us! Join our Discord server or connect with us on Twitter. Or better, do both :)

WAGMI! The redesigned page will have two filters: contributor type and days.