Recap: Buidl Launchpad

This is a quick recap of ‘What has gone down’ in the past weeks on the Buidl Launchpad. Learn more here

Recap: Buidl Launchpad
Recap Buidl Launchpad

This is a quick recap of ‘What has gone down’ in the past weeks on the Buidl Launchpad.

Enter the Buidlverse

Buidl Launchpad emerged intending to assist the Web3 projects in sharing their projects and ideas with the community, gaining mentorship, bootstrapping the community, and building their network.

We began with a hunt for early-stage Web3 projects via various means, Twitter being one of the prominent ones! Moving ahead, we picked up the projects whose ideas are innovative and aim to make the Web3 space more interactive, user-friendly, and the first choice for global enthusiasts. Then we made an inventory of all of these to assist them with better community reach and business growth.

That is how we began with Buidl Launchpad for the early stage Web3 projects!

Projects launched: Carv, Sequence, Dapp Factory & Shunya

So far, we have launched four awe-inspiring projects, Powered by Buidl!

Carv - All your gaming moments in one place

Carv aims to assure a unique gaming identity for every gamer, thus allowing direct monetization, game discovery, socialization, and cross-platform compatibility. We saw the potential in Carv that could assist the global Web3 gaming space in reaching the next level and thus we decided to launch them.

Currently, Carv caters to a community of 35k users through their product & is in the Alpha stage.

Launch date: May 16, 2022
Explore more about Carv here →

Sequence - Smart Web3 wallet, Built by Horizon Blockchain Games!

Starting a journey in web3 is not possible without a wallet. The current UX in getting started with Web3 makes it difficult for a new user to understand. Sequence makes it easier for new users to get started with social & email logins while also taking care of security without confusing the user. They also offer APIs for the Web3 devs to help them connect Sequence in their Dapps in a few minutes.

We believe that Sequence team has the potential to smoothen the onboarding process of new users in the Web3 space.

Sequence has already catered to 3.1 million transactions to date & has 385k+ wallets.

Launch date: May 23, 2022
Explore more about Sequence here →

Dapp Factory - Multichain SaaS solution for Web3, Built by Cryption Network!

Dapp factory offers no-code general-purpose legos that can save a builder's time while building the project and helps them focus on their core offerings. They offer deployment of pre-sales, token vesting schedules, staking, farming, etc., within a few clicks. They currently support Ethereum, Polygon & BNB chain, and they're in the beta stage.

Launch date: May 30, 2022
Explore more on Dapp Factory here →

Shunya - Analytics Platform for Investors

Shunya allows users to manage their assets and portfolios and get deep analytics on their platform. They support tracking assets on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum & BNB chain.

They aim to ease the hassle for DeFi users & investors at large in better tracking their portfolios. And we believe this will help users to make better investment decisions.

Access to Shunya is invite-only. To access the platform & receive an invite, join our discord server!

Launch date: June 13, 2022
Explore more on Shunya here →

Activities organised for the projects

During the launch week, we organised a number of activities focused on the project exclusively. We organised these activities to make our community acquainted and connect these projects with our community, assuring global exposure for them. A brief on activities organised:

Here is a brief on these activities:

  1. Learn Web3 Blog: This blog includes a brief introduction to the project. Number of readers on an average as of date - 70 Read them here:
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole Blog: In this series, we dive deeper, covering every possible detail about the project -  about them, their story, problems they’re solving, technical implementation or working, & more. Number of readers on an average as of date - 60 Read them here:
  3. Web3 1:1 Talk Show: A podcast series where we discuss a topic related to the project with the project's founder. The average number of attendees - 90 Listen to previous episodes here:
  4. Bored Dev Chat Club (BDCC): An open conversation with devs & builders in Web3 that revolves around discussing ideas & doubts and asking questions. The average number of participants - 40 Join our community to participate:
  5. Explain Like I’m 5 Session (ELI5): A product/protocol demo session conducted to help the community of builders learn 'How to use/integrate.' Number of attendees - 30 Check them out here:
  6. Ask Me Anything Session (AMA): We conduct this session on The Dapp List's Telegram channel. The average number of participants: 50-100 Check them here:

What motivates us?

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