Recap: Buidl Launchpad #3

This is a recap of ‘What has gone down’ in the past weeks on the Buidl Launchpad by The Dapp List

Buidl Launchpad recap | The Dapp List

Digging deep into the coliseum of early-stage Web3 projects, we came up with some genuinely mesmerizing projects for this iteration of the Buidl Launchpad. The exploration began with spotting projects from all spheres of Web3. With the final call, we moved forward with the following innovative projects:

  • Lobby - A wiki for DAOs
  • Metapass - Assisting event creations and NFT ticketing
  • Nibbl - Revolutionizing NFT ownerships with fractionalization
  • Blocktorch - Enhancing observability for Web3 developers

Projects Launched

Get a sneak peek into these projects and the activities we conducted for each of them in their respective dedicated weeks.

#1 – Lobby

Launch Date: 25/07/2022

Lobby provides a wiki for DAOs, thus providing them with unique tooling to make their processes more efficient. It is an intelligence platform for the DAOs where the community members can share blogs, meeting notes, and other details, thus enhancing the lifetime and use case of the written content.

This initiative of Lobby towards offering the DAOs a platform to address their scalability issues and offer them an opportunity to create a home base for their community knowledge is what inspired us to choose it for the launch. This has long been missing for the DAOs of the Web3 space, and we believe in Lobby's vision and that it can achieve it.

Lobby is the home of your Web3 community. Onboard, coordinate, and govern with confidence, all from one place. Lobby's wiki already has 4,000+ wallets contributing to 2,500+ articles.

#2 – Metapass

Launch Date: 01/08/2022

Assuring a secure way to the events without any chances of false ticketing has never been easier. Several scam entries and bot activities occur in meetings, concerts, and other events, and the dilemma of ensuring zero passing to them stood unsolved. That is what Metapass is solving and why we moved forward with the decision to launch it.

Started by 2 Millenials, Metapass, which assures proof-of-attendance, is the one-stop destination for you to create events on polygon and create NFT ticketing for them. It helps create, organize, and host events, including talk shows, concerts, meetups, parties, etc. Furthermore, you can also sell these NFT tickets for fixed values to ensure no fake tickets are allowed inside the event.

#3 – Nibbl

Launch Date: 08/08/2022

For all NFT enthusiasts getting ownership of the top, most NFTs and as much as possible has always been a dream! However, what to do if you want some high-valued NFTs but do not hold that much value?

This is where Nibbl comes into play and why we loved it over several others! Nibbl revolutionizes NFT ownership by fractionalization. The expensive NFT gets split into fractions, and the original one gets locked in a contract while creating fungible tokens called fractional tokens. They represent ownership of the original NFT, allowing any investor with even fewer funds to invest in expensive NFTs and hold their ownership.

#4 – Blocktorch

Launch Date: 15/08/2022

Observability has always been an issue for Web3 engineers compared to Web2. Blocktorch offers a fantastic developer experience and covers the observability principles to help them observe and analyze their smart contracts efficiently. They also provide alerting capabilities, thus assuring that the Web3 builders can easily track all the activities around their smart contracts and never miss out on any updates or errors around any nodes.

The three pillars of observability: metrics, traces, and logs, are all being introduced into blocktorch for the Web3 builders, and that is what we loved about this innovative project.

Activities Conducted

Each of these projects was allotted entire week for their launch with the Buidl Launchpad. For each of them, we conducted several activities, and here's how the average participation has been in these activities:

AMA: 556

BDCC: 14

Web3 1:1 talk show: 31

Blog View: ~60


The projects have shown immense satisfaction and a fantastic experience with us during their launch weeks. Here's what they have to say!

“Thank you for a fantastic launch week! The events and marketing materials were professional and engaging, and you made it super easy for us to join and talk. I think we could have used more help with the clarity of messaging to get more engagement from the community, and that's something we're working on in general.

Buidl Launchpad is a great way to kick off your Web 3 projects. The team was professional and thoughtful throughout the process and gave us a noticeable boost with some engaging launch events. Prepare for liftoff!” - Lobby team

“The launch was pretty successful! Bored Dev Chat Club was pretty good, and there were some interesting talks. The AMA on telegram was also pretty good, and we got asked some excellent questions.

Buidl Launchpad launch was pretty good & we had a lot of fun doing AMAs and Bored Dev Chat Club. We got many customers & much feedback.” - Metapass team

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