Investor Spotlight - CMS holdings

Investor Spotlight - CMS holdings
CMS is a principal investment firm focused on making investments across the crypto-asset ecosystem. We look to deploy capital in liquid and illiquid crypto tokens, as well as, equity stakes in selective companies.

Here’s a brief interview with CMS holdings where we discuss the investment landscape and scaling web3 adoption, do have a read!

1. What did you like the most about The Dapp List?

The commitment the team has to making it easy & accessible for anyone to learn about this ecosystem. I think when you've been involved for so long, you forget how challenging it can be to get started, and how easy it is to be mislead. The Dapp List is tackling this head first, and building a platform where beginners and veteran users alike can learn and contribute.

2. Where do you think CMS holdings can add power to our mission for web3 adoption?

The CMS team is made up of industry veterans who are committed to seeing this space grow and mature, and to do that we need platforms that help close the information gap for new users. We look forward to using our deep crypto expertise and network to curate on the platform along with the community.

3. To fuel Web3 Mass adoption, what concerns you the most as an investor in the web3 ecosystem?

The many barriers to entry for new users. Once you get to know it, crypto is actually a very inclusive and welcoming place - but when you're new, it's easy to be overwhelmed with information. Many people want to get involved but they don't know where to start. A quick google will probably lead to more confusion at best, and at worst, right into scams that target novice users.

4. According to you, What are the top three things that the community must do right away to grow blockchain adoption and awareness?

  1. Offer quality educational content for new users to learn the basics of how and why to use decentralized apps, as well as how to make sure they use them in a secure way.
  2. Continue scaling capacity, as transacting on L1 Ethereum becoming very cost prohibitive for many.
  3. UX has come a long way, but still has plenty of room to improve to where new users can jump in and participate without a lengthy onboarding process.

5. Lastly, a question for CMS intern, when do you think will web3 adoption stonks?

About: The Dapp List

The Dapp List strives to bridge the gap between developers, investors, and the community, which are the three pillars essential in growing any dapp at scale.

Our mission is to pave the growth of adoption - this happens when the users feel confident to explore the blockchain space & devs are supported to build the future of decentralization.

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