Introducing The Dapp List

Introducing The Dapp List

Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption

Our mission is to pave the growth of adoption - this happens when the users feel confident to explore the blockchain space & devs are supported to build the future of decentralization.

TLDR; The Dapp List endeavors to create a platform for users to explore and engage with Dapps. It does this by keeping the community forward as a governing body that hunts and validates dapps. TDL further empowers developers with a launchpad that enables them to get build community and find the right partners.

The Dapp List envisions creating a decentralized app store and institute Multi-chain governance as its core mechanism.


With billions of everyday users engaging and showing interest in the Blockchain, it is time to address the issues which many of them have encountered.

Exploring Dapps is challenging for a novice entrant

As a new entrant in a crypto world full of ghost apps and to be abandoned projects, it's challenging to find legit dapp. Being an early adopter, it's easy to differentiate between what will make a fortune and the bubble that will be soon busted.

But majorly, for the new audience, Crypto is Scary narrative persuades them to not take a leap of faith in the most faithful tech, i.e., Blockchain.

💡 "More than $1 billion have been stolen in 2020."
Let this sink in.
Source - Chainalysis.

How unfortunate, right? This is just the tip of an iceberg.

As a crypto/blockchain enthusiast, you might have seemingly converged with some story dictating crypto scams now and then. Mainly the target here is a novice user.

A new entrant will probably not know the difference between a legit and a scam product. They are primarily focused on exploring and learning. Sometimes, by investing or developing something they have in mind. So the chances of them crossing paths with a sketchy product is too high.

A friend of yours might have told you Blockchain is secure, anonymously records all transactions, and it's impossible to fake. Most of the time, all they do is show random transactions and a high volume cap to make the product look authentic.

It leaves people vulnerable and sparks a dis-trust in the most trustworthy tech, i.e., Blockchain.

Developers find it challenging to get started with Web3 ecosystem & market their product

From hearing the word app, what pops in everyone's mind are Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Now the major issue creators face with both platforms is their policies. Being a small-time dev, it's challenging to pass the restrictions imposed for an app supporting the DeFi infrastructure, so publishing their vision is an entirely different story.

Another obstacle they face is to market their newly hacked idea or product. Devs from Hackathon projects are missing the support & networks. With no backing from the start and staying clueless on what to persevere, they lose hope to build further on their ideas & instead follow the narratives.

Most of the developers are not marketing savvy. They lack the right connections in the ecosystem who can guide them further on the product or investment front—leading to half-cooked outcomes and abandoned projects.

This has to change, It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

Say hello to The Dapp List

The Dapp List is manifesting a Multichain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption. It does this by eradicating centralized authority, supporting developers, and offering a safe space for users to explore and engage with the dapps.

Formulating this vision, we provide a set of modules that include Explore, Buidl, and Invest.


In the Explore module, we plan to ship a safe experience for new users to engage with the dapps. Here we institute multichain governance to back legit dapps and zap out any scams in the process. While doing so, we have also managed to gamify the means to make it more fun and rewarding.

Multichain Governance as its core Mechanism:

Giving power to the people has been a definitive principle to make the community grow, orchestrate excellence and bring trust. TDL does just this, here's how:

  • Hunters: These are the people responsible for bringing a dapp forward in front of the community.

    Anyone with a web3 identity can participate in the process of listing.

  • Voters: Community members will now decide what apps are legit to be made available in The Dapp List ecosystem for new users.

    The votes will decide it, and the top 5 dapps that the community found worthy will go live for the listing in explore section, where everyone gets notified about the new dapps listed.

Gamified Platform:

  • Reward and Reputation System: To make the community more enthusiastic and responsible, a sophisticated reward and reputation system is being set up.

    Users will get a chance to earn a reputation for every app they hunt or vote for. Later it can be redeemed for a rare NFT.

    Similarly, for any negative actions, a user will harm their reputation & lose future rewards, and the actions taken by them will get discarded.

    Note: More details related to the employed mechanism will be detailed out soon, so stay tuned!


The Dapp List strives to bridge the gap between developers, investors, and the community, which are the three pillars essential in growing any dapp at scale.

  1. The Dapp List Launchpad:
    TDL commits to provide a launchpad for the devs (from hackathons & in general) to kickstart their project and get a seamless experience in building their idea to outcome. Here integration & ecosystem partners work with devs to deliver the best product.

  2. Building Networks & Community:
    Comprehending matters in the current ecosystem and formulating a product around it are mostly the developer's goals.
    In the same attempt, a developer/ web3 enthusiast can pitch their idea to get validation from the community.
    While doing so, devs get to interact with industry veterans and build their network.

  3. Focus less on marketing and more on building Dapp:
    Developers can now focus more on building Dapps rather than instrumenting a plan to market.
    For an intuitive product, unmatched community support will make it conceivable to gain users in no time.

  4. Listing Dapp:
    Developers can freely exhibit their daap in the community to get a listing on The Dapp List Platform.
    We provide the right platform to Buidl & Market.

Finally, you've got users & you've got devs - What's next? - Invest

Next is the most critical & essential pillar between these users, devs, and our partners - Investment module.

We're building a common ground for users, devs & our partners to interact and support innovations.

Blockchain has revolutionized how we interact with products and the way people participate in projects to build them from the ground up. Community is the real moat and most crucial key to success for projects - they coordinate & help projects grow.

Furthermore, a community can comprise Investors, Legal, Marketing, Product Users, & different Platforms (Exchanges, IDO platforms, Data providers, Oracles, L1 & L2).

We'll be taking a different approach here, we're not an IDO platform & we don't want to be, as there are already some very strong players with whom we can work closely.

We're looking at two different approaches here & taking legal advice on the same:

  • DAO model
    A DAO that is inclusive of all the important participants mentioned above. They help project build & grow, plus support them with capital. Thus, it keeps each & every player invested in the project & the overall web3 ecosystem's growth.
    TDL token acts as fuel to this web3 onboarding machine - stake & participate. Participants are free to participate whenever they wish to & leave whenever they feel like.
  • Funds
    There will be different flavors of the fund - it can be individuals running them, groups of people, or DAOs. They hunt promising & innovative ideas to fund. We provide them with the platform to add more firepower to web3 growth. No more close door deals & retail being left out.

They are watching you all & they are WISE!

Conclusion OR Summing Up:

It's all about web3 mass adoption, and one way to make this possible is by building the community and giving it the power to govern & grow. Here's how:

  • It stops menace spread by the fraud dapps.
  • Keeps the community enthusiastic with rewards and reputation.
  • Provides devs an unmatched arsenal of tools to build their daap.
  • A transparent ecosystem where everyone is welcomed.