Dapp 101 — #2 BattleRacers

Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where you build, race, and battle model cars on arcade-sized tracks

Dapp 101 — #2 BattleRacers

BattleRacer’s Product Manager – Patrick has joined us today to answer our questions.

We’ll start with some introductory questions to provide some background about the project, their current focus areas & then their future plans in general.

Welcome, Patrick! 👋

A. Our company, Altitude Games, is a 6-year-old, Manila-based studio, with a team that has over 90 years of combined experience in game development making PC, console, and mobile games.

A few years back, there was a huge discussion about how blockchain could disrupt the game industry. We started researching Ethereum and how NFTs are a perfect fit for games, then we decided to make our first-ever blockchain game – BattleRacers.

A. Arcade racing is a classic game genre that is easy to learn and play. We were inspired by Mario Kart, but the decision to go with model cars was due to our fond memories of Tamiya in the 90s. It made sense to apply the mechanic of collecting parts and building the best car.

A. While gameplay data is centralized to support real-time play, our cars will be standard ERC-721 tokens that players own separate from the game and can be used in other blockchain games, like Metaboss. Stats, ownership, and race record will be publicly viewable on mainnet.

A. Battle Racers is currently in Early Access and available to play on @decentraland (coordinates 66,-22) or through play.battleracers.io. Players can do real-time multiplayer races using default cars or car parts that they own. More features will be introduced in the future.

A. First, you’ll need a MetaMask wallet, but there’s no need to purchase anything right away. Upon launching the game, you’ll see a giant car – the Battle Racers arena! Interact with the track tables to choose your loadout and start racing.

Cars will automatically accelerate depending on the cumulative stats of the parts you are using. You will also have two skills that you can activate throughout the race. As it is a racing game, whoever finishes at the shortest time wins!

If you want to customize your loadout and build your own car, just approach one of the garage kiosks in the game. There are six default “test drives” that are free to use, while the 7th option is a “Practice Car” which is composed of any parts you own.

A. Car parts can be obtained from crates, which you can either win from competitive racing (coming soon) or buy from our website during seasonal sales. We had our pre-sale and Season 1 sale last year, and we’ll have another crate sale when we release a new season.

There are six car brands to choose from and you’ll need one of each part type (Front, Rear, Body, and Wheels) to form a full car. Each brand and type has stat specialties so it’s up to you to choose what to prioritize. Additionally, players can also buy parts on OpenSea.

A. You can earn by trading on OpenSea, where a portion of the trading fees will go to the tournament prize pool. So in a way, the money goes back to you! Meanwhile, car rarity is also an important factor to consider when trading.

Rarities determine the max level to which parts can be upgraded. Higher levels mean higher stats, making them more in demand. In the future, cars will also have recorded history, thereby adding more value based on the upgrades, buffs, and bonuses that were unlocked.

A. We will be relaunching our parts trading feature to allow players to transfer parts from the sidechain to the Ethereum mainnet and back. This will also let players, both old and new, trade for parts they can use in our upcoming tournament, the Duel Cup Open.

The Duel Cup Open is a 1v1 best-of-3 tournament for all our NFT holders. We are giving away over US$4,000 worth of crypto and NFTs including prizes from our sponsors. Registration is currently ongoing on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/gfEPSra

A. Choose your car parts and weapons carefully and always strategize in every race. Review the stats and specialties of your parts according to the brand and type to figure out the optimal combination.

If you can, observe the playstyle of your opponent and determine your own combat style. Do you need weapons that are offensive or defensive? Also, proper skill timing can sometimes make or break a race.

A. We are so grateful to MakerDAO, Matic, Decentraland, PolyientGames, Neon District, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, & DCL Core for their contribution. We are huge fans of interoperability, so we’ll always be happy to work not just with them but with many more.