Calling the Knights! The Dapp List's ambassador program is here

Calling the Knights! The Dapp List's ambassador program is here

We are psyched to announce The Dapp List’s ambassador program – Knights of Web3. The fundamental objective of the Knights Program is to ignite a global spark empowering web3 enthusiasts to grow and prosper The Dapp Lists vision to curb central authority, safeguard users and ultimately drive the web3 adoption at scale.

“Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.”

We envision scaling our efforts in web3 mass adoption with The Dapp List’s Knights Initiative.

Knights of The Dapp List will have the following Responsibilities:

The Dapp List’s knights initiative’s primary aim is to engage different offline and online blockchain communities across the globe with The Dapp List’s Multichain ecosystem. Following this vision, the primary goals of The Dapp List’s knights are:

  • Educating the public on Blockchain, its importance & advantages.
  • Introducing everyone around you with The Dapp List, its importance, advantages, etc.
  • Identifying rug pulls, scams, and protecting your friends and family from falling for scams.
  • Expanding the Social presence of The Dapp List with different forms of content such as memes, stickers, gifs, video, infographics, blogs, etc.
  • Organize/Participate in relevant conferences, meetups, etc.
  • Setting up a network to invite others to represent The Dapp List.

A concise set of guidelines will be issued to everyone who joins The Dapp List’s Knights Initiative. Resources and support to execute any activity will be provided by The Dapp List.

Who Can Join The Dapp List’s Knight Initiative?

Everyone is welcome to be a part of The Dapp List Knight Initiative. All we look for is a passion for learning and growing with us in our journey of web3 mass adoption. We are looking for a diverse group of individuals who can spread the word and engage people with The Dapp List.

It can be in any way, ranging from educating the public via content, videos, tweets, infographics, organizing meetups, events, or even leveraging your network to gain influence.

More details related to engagement activities will be detailed out when you join The Dapp List’s Knights initiative.

Being The Dapp List’s Knight brings you exclusive perks and rewards

  • Sneak peeks of The Dapp List’s upcoming events, product, and involvement in strategic marketing & business development behind the scenes.
  • Communicate directly with our core management and marketing team.
  • Incentivized programs by The Dapp List.
  • An unmatched crypto/blockchain educative resource pool to learn and become the industry influencer.

Become the Knight, you’re meant to be.

Folks who resonate with our vision can join us on the journey and become The Dapp List’s Knight


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