Avatars of Web3

Avatars in Web3verse are digital art collectibles. Your digital avatar can be a representation of your identity in the digital world.

Avatars of Web3

Avatars in Web3verse are digital art collectibles. Your digital avatar can be a representation of your identity in the digital world. So, where you’ve previously had physical avatars like the business cards you hand out to new friends, businesses, or LinkedIn profiles to represent you online – now you use your digital avatar.

💡 Did you know, Highest ever sale for a CryptoPunks was CryptoPunk #3100 & #7804 for 4,200 ETH each.

Avatars are becoming popular in web3 with their scarcity and increasing demand. In this segment, we bring you some of the well-known Avatars of web3.

  1. CryptoPunks
    CryptoPunks are collectible creatures that were born during the advent of NFTs. That makes them pretty old in Crypto years, and soon after its inception, the NFT standard ERC721 was developed.

    Getting into specifics, there are 10,000 unique, 8-bit-style punks dwelling on the Ethereum blockchain. That's it! Some of them are alien figures, while some wear hats and have smoking pipes. Out of 10,000, 3840 are female, and 6039 are male figures. The rest of them includes a rare mix of aliens, zombies, and apes.

    Initially, CryptoPunks were distributed for free, and now you can get them from Larvalabs listing of CryptoPunks or from other NFT Marketplaces.

    💡 CryptoPunk #7523, named 'Covid Alien,' bought for $11.8 million by DraftKings, is the only alien CryptoPunk (out of nine) with a mask.

    To date, CryptoPunks is seen as an inspiration for digital creators as it was effective in igniting the spark of crypto art. Learn more about Cryptopunks: What are Cryptopunks?

  2. Meebits
    Meebits is the brainchild of Larva Labs (creator of CryptoPunks). These are 3D voxel characters, a total of 20,000 at present. Each of them is minted on Ethereum with ERC721 standard. What makes them functional you ask? The owner of Meebits will receive an OBJ file. It can be further used to render and create animations, or build characters in the metaverse.

    Banking the growing popularity of CyberPunks, Around 9,000 Meebits were sold through a Dutch auction within 8 hours having a record sale of $75,000,000. Currently, you can get your hands on Meebits through the official listing or other NFT marketplaces. Learn more about Meebits: What is Meebits NFT?

  3. Bored Ape Yacht Club
    "Bored Ape Yacht Club," as the name suggests it is a community but with avatars in the form of Apes. You get to choose from 10,000 unique collections of NFTs (ERC721) minted on Ethereum Blockchain.

    Each of them programmatically generated from 170 odd traits making all of them unique. Currently, you can get one for yourself from OpenSea.

    Owing a Bored Ape will grant you access to the Yacht Club. The Club has different areas among which the first one to be available is named "The Bathroom." It is a graffiti board where ape owners can collaborate and make art. Future areas are under development and can be seen in the roadmap. It also hints to a CryptoKitties like breeding minigame to create more apes. Get detailed information about BAYC: What is Bored Ape Yacht Club?

  4. Gutter Cat Gang
    Gutter Cat Gang sets itself in the year 2050, where cats have taken over the world. These are the avatars in the form of cats, a total of 3000 Gutter Cat NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain.

    Each Gutter Cat NFT is algorithmically designed by combining different traits and accessories such as Furs, Backgrounds, Eyes, Mouths, Shirts, Hats, Earrings, Necklaces, & Beards. Thus each one is unique, and some are rarer than the others.

    Ownership of a Gutter Cat NFT gives the user its creative and commercial rights to reproduce it as they see fit. You can get one from OpenSea.

Summing Up:

With digital avatars, we can improve our online experiences by creating a digital avatar to represent ourselves. This gives us the ability to take control of the other person’s image of us and updates it to fit how we want them to view us. This arrangement is possible because of the power of social media and online interaction. Besides providing a sense of control, avatars can enhance communication and help others trust our presence in the Digital world.