Assets Under Management (AUM)

Assets under management (AUM), often known as funds under management, is the entire market value of investments or assets handled on behalf of customers by a hedge fund, mutual fund, or wealth management firm. AUM fluctuates based on the performance of the funds and the amount of money invested or withdrawn by investors.

AUM (assets under management) is a well-known technique in the crypto and DeFi space. Crypto traders who are just getting started in the crypto world must locate a trustworthy wallet and exchange that supports their preferred cryptocurrency, which might be difficult for newcomers. It is preferable to use wallets and exchanges that support a big variety of coins and tokens.

Because of the complexities inherent in the process, several agencies are introducing a new technology known as asset management. Rather than dealing with several accounts and wallets, crypto asset management solutions assist users by combining their assets. AUM is a vital indicator that oversees all elements of money and cryptocurrency. If the AUM is less than $1 million, it is termed a tiny fry, but if it exceeds $1 billion, it is deemed a large project.

In most countries, managing a fund necessitates obtaining a license from the local securities exchange commission.