Air Node

Web 3.0 has arguably the most substantial development potential for companies since the introduction of the internet. Airnode makes it easy to get started with this technology. It is a free and open-source Web3-API middleware that connects any web API to a blockchain application.

Decentralization is at the heart of Web3 security, which has been a source of concern for API providers. Smart contracts cannot directly connect to APIs that offer access to real-world data and services. Oracles serve as a link between blockchains and the physical world. Airnode serves as the API economy's Web3 oracle solution in this game. It is a serverless platform that connects any web API to any blockchain application. Traditional oracles need the intervention of a third party. Airnode does away with the necessity for a third-party middleman. Third-party oracles charge exorbitant fees to link businesses to the blockchain. With Airnode, any business can connect directly to blockchain apps while maintaining complete revenue control. It is a free and open-source platform that assures a user's connection to the blockchain is always in their hands.