A Crypto address is a string of characters that indicates a wallet capable of sending and receiving cryptocurrency. It is analogous to a physical address, email address, or website. Every address is unique and indicates the location of a wallet on the blockchain.

Most blockchain addresses are difficult to understand because they are lengthy random strings of letters and digits. They are, however, all distinct, which creates no issues for computer networks.

Blockchain addresses are open to the public, and you may use a blockchain explorer to view the transactions that go in and out of an address. You may also check how many assets the location has. The sole exception is blockchains built on privacy.

Despite the fact that the addresses are public, the majority of them are anonymous (or rather, pseudonymous), as the person who owns the address does not generally have their real name linked with it. There are, however, situations where addresses and the person or entity behind them are known: this is typically the case for exchanges and token project owners or founders.